I grew up drawing a lot of anime and manga-inspired character drawings so I decided to create a collection of easy anime female drawings for beginner artists to try drawing.

Drawing people in general can be complicated.

However, taking it one step at a time and practicing certain parts over and over can really help you improve your drawing skills.

Above all, I hope you have fun recreating these anime style drawings!

Art is after all an excellent way to take your mind off any stress or worries that you may have.

easy anime girl drawings


A friendly reminder to every artist: It is completely okay if your drawing doesn’t turn out the way you want!

When I first starting drawing anime characters, they were all wonky and disproportionate in all kinds of ways. It took me years of practice to get to this point.

You too will get there with enough practice! Just enjoy the process and keep drawing!

The art you draw now is taking you one step closer to the art you will create in the future.


1. Girl and a Butterfly

Here is a simple drawing to try out of a girl looking up at a passing butterfly.

anime girl butterfly drawing

2. Chibi Anime Girl Drawing

I tend to have an easier time drawing chibi characters, so here is a simple chibi anime girl drawing to draw next.

You can also have fun redrawing this cute hairstyle as well.

chibi anime girl drawing


3. Eye Smile Drawing

Drawing anime eyes can be tough so I sometimes replace it with an eye smile.

Instead of practicing drawing eyes, we can practice drawing the face and upper body in this drawing idea.

anime girl drawing art

4. Facing Away

Here is a simple drawing idea of a girl facing away to practice drawing.

girl facing away drawing

5. Side Profile Drawing

Let’s practice drawing a side profile next!

side profile anime girl drawing


6. Full Body Chibi Drawing

Here is a full-body chibi drawing to draw next.

I also tried to make the eyes more simplified, but feel free to draw whatever style of eyes you like.

chibi girl drawing


7. Girl with Short Hair

Here is an easy anime drawing idea of a girl with short hair.

short hair anime girl drawing


8. Female Anime Eye Drawing

Try practicing drawing anime style eyes.

Eyes themselves can be a little complicated to draw, so practicing solely drawing eyes can help you improve greatly.

anime female eye drawing

If you are looking for more anime eye drawing ideas, check out my other blog post How to Draw Anime Eyes for more ideas.


9. Anime Girl Face Drawing

For beginner artists, it is a good idea to practice drawing one part over and over again until you feel confident drawing that certain subject.

So here is a drawing of just the face to practice to your heart’s content.

anime girl easy drawing

Thank you so much for stopping by this blog post!

I hope you enjoyed this collection of anime girl drawing ideas to try drawing in your sketchbook or doodle page.

I hope you have a wonderful day or night my lovely artists and readers, and until next time!